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Environments (5-6)


This page provides educators with information and resources in using the Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits provided by the Science Kit Cooperative at Olympic ESD 114.


Environments Curriculum Calendar

The calendar below is to support teachers in planning for teaching the Environments FOSS Science Kit. Use the calendar links below to identify: big science ideas, key standard targets for each lesson, and assessments. 
Week 1 & 2 - Terrestrial Environments
What subsystems are needed in a terrarium to model a real ecosystem?  What environmental factors effect the growth of seeds?
What experiment will tell us how isopods and beetles respond to moisture?  How much moisture do isopods and beetles prefer?  
When is comparison also a controlled experiment?  What are the optimal water conditions for each of four plants: corn, wheat, barley, and peas?
What subsystems are needed in an aquarium to model a real freshwater ecosystem?  In what ways to fish change the aquarium environment?  
What is the range of salt tolerance for brine shrimp?  Is salt tolerance an inherited characteristic of brine shrimp?  Do brine shrimp respond to their environment?
Is salt tolerance an inherited characteristic of plants?  What is important to consider when designing experiments?  How might knowing a plant's salt tolerance improve farming and food production?   

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